Olodupoi Shompole CBO, spans from the South Rift of Kenya to the Shompole Group Ranch. The organization, formed and registered in 2019, aims to improve the social and economic aspects of the community it serves. The word ‘OLODUPOI’,wich forms part of the name of the organziation, is a Maasai name which means ‘BENEFIT.’ As the offices of the organization are situted at the Oloika Shopping Centre, it is accessible both East and West of Shompole. The Magadi Division of Kajiado West is in Kajiado County.

The organization was developed after community members considered the challenges that its community is facing in terms of water scarcity and educating its youth. It is supervised by its own members and manage by elected constituents and others who conduct the Olodupoi Shompole CBO project daily activities. The governing structures are guided by the laws and regulations of the incorporated Oloduipoi Shompole CBO and the Kenya CBO laws, Chapter 490{2011 Revision}.

The major agenda of the organization is fostering education in the community by providing full or part tuition for its students. Therefore, there is a need for support from well-wishers and other organizations so that these goals can be realized.

To facilitate these objectives, the organization has created a website that enables donors to contribute money and/or tangible goods. Julie Pellman, Ph.D. Community Psychology, MA Conservation Biology , Lesley Martinez Etherly, PhD Candidate, Community Psychology, MS Marketing, and Joel Meja Somare, Secretary General, Olodupoi Shompole CBO, have been helpful to the Shompole CBO in the design of the website.